BALTLIT is a Russian company, manufacturing architectural products made of metal
on a serial basis and using mainly shaping foundry technologies.


  • Design and manufacturing of street lighting poles made of cast iron and steel.
  • Manufacturing of small architectural forms (SAF) with the use of iron casting and rolled steel:
    – benches
    – litter-boxes
    – fences and barriers
    – cast iron bollards
    – stair railings
    – awnings, canopies, gazebos
  • Iron casting according to our customers` designs.
  • Equipment selection services, advice on placement and installation of equipment onsite.
  • Design services on the development of finished products from separate elements.


Production was established in 2008.

The idea was to bring together all the necessary modern industrial technologies in one company to design and manufacture architectural metal products; to build reliable and effective partnerships with the largest Russian manufacturers of cast iron; to design elements of the products taking into account the features and technological capability of production.

  • Qualified personnel are engaged in the company. The company possesses modern equipment.
    Due to this fact, the quality of our products meets the leading manufacturers` level.
  • The main part of production operations is held in-house, that allows us to control effectively the quality and production time.

We have reached our goal:
The manufacturing time of complex architectural products and their cost have decreased greatly,
and the range of products, as well as quality and level of operational reliability have increased.



We develop different style solutions for street lighting poles and small architectural forms — from classical to modern ones. The range of the plant is constantly expanding thanks to the experience and knowledge of the team, as well as cooperation with well-known architects and designers.


Cast iron is the basic material. It`s a traditional material for street lighting poles and SAF. Advantages of cast iron are: high structural properties, castability, stable shrinkage and relatively low cost.


BaltLit production is directly related to the aesthetic design and knowledge of the classical architectural canons and modern operational requirements, which allows the company to achieve excellence in quality and design of the products. The operating life of cast iron elements exceeds 150 years.


Classic shapes of cast iron street lighting poles do not go out of fashion. They look natural both with the architecture of historic centers of old towns, and in a modern area, creating an aesthetic and comfortable environment for citizens.

Work with customers

Traditionally, work with customers has the following steps:

  1. Designers` familiarization with a catalog of BaltLit products.
  2. Selecting the most suitable products for the project.
  3. Transfer of photos of architectural exterior to designers. They will show where you plan to install the products.
  4. Finalisation of designers` proposal for a customer. Several architectural solution options with different time limits and budget will be proposed.
  5. Depending on the customer: the design of new products or their elements, production of new models and the necessary tooling.
  6. Coordination of project proposals, terms of manufacturing and cost of products with the customer.
  7. Signing the contract.

We find the most expressive architectural solutions
and optimal conditions for production.