About our company


My name is Oleg Olimpievich Suetov,
Chief Executive Officer of BaltLit Company

I want to tell you about our work,
about something that inspires us to work hard every day
and allows us to reach the peaks of mastery in our business.

Historical perspective

Metallurgy has become my life`s work.

My great-grandfather was a metallurgist. He started out as a simple blacksmith and due to his hard work he became the owner of several smithies in Pskov province. I work in the same field and this continuity is very important for me.

Our values


We appreciate the experience of generations, creating products in the spirit of old traditions of St. Petersburg artists. Classic shapes of cast iron products adorn the cities from century to century, creating an aesthetic and comfortable environment for living.


We focus on the production of quality products made of cast iron and guarantee the quality of our products, while maintaining an optimal price level.


We do not stand still. We develop new style solutions for cast iron products. We use modern technological metal-forming processes, keeping pace with the times.


I am proud of our reputation as a responsible company. We have reached it with harmonious labor of our employees at all levels of production and customer service.

I can assert with confidence that any and all orders
will be executed with the utmost attention to your needs.

Thank you for choosing BALTLIT!

Suetov Oleg Olimpievich
Chief Executive Officer of BaltLit Company