BALTLIT is a manufacturing company
that specializes in the production
of serial samples of street lighting
poles and exclusive cast iron

Trust us

We have achieved the reputation of a responsible company
through well coordinated work of our employees
at all levels of production and customer service.

Approach to production

Lower production costs are a great achievement of BaltLit.
How have we managed to do it? We have revised our
attitude towards the range: we have refused its expansion
in favor of stable release of serial products.

The principal advantage of BaltLit:
we offer standard, easy-to-combine models,
thereby saving you time and money.

Exclusive cast iron

Besides, we produce exclusive cast iron.
It may be self-designed or performed according
to the customer`s design.

Our professional casters perform the work,
following the long tradition of foundry. The products
they create cannot be compared with the industry ones:
individuality, the author`s energy and high level
of performance make the products of our artists
real works of art.

We maintain low prices
and save your time